I Want You To Know

ờ. chắc là mình thành người ngoài hành tinh rồi, vì mình chả nắm bắt được hầu hết thế sự bên ngoài đang như thế nào luôn. thời gian biểu của mình gần đây xáo trộn lung tung cả, lịch làm việc – đi học – sinh hoạt ko giống bất cứ ai, hầu như ngày nào cũng chạy đi chạy về giữa Q7 – Thủ Đức – Bình Thạnh, gần như ko hôm nào rời văn phòng trước 8 giờ tối, sau ngày dài chỉ muốn ăn xong lên giường ngủ khò hoặc ngồi với bạn bè thân thiết. nhiều người ko hiểu nổi cuộc sống của mình ntn, khác người đến độ đồng nghiệp mô tả mình “thoắt ẩn thoắt hiện” hahaha… nên phải tập làm quen khi mọi người ko hiểu được năng lượng của mình, trên đời ko có ai mà được tất cả mọi người hiểu hết cả, đến mình đôi khi còn éo hiểu nổi mình nữa là lolz.

nên mình chả thèm lo những gì người khác nghĩ nữa, nhưng lại ngại mình có thể khiến mọi người cảm thấy như thế nào khi ở gần mình – vì mỗi khi mình quá mệt mỏi, cảm xúc lên xuống thất thường thì sẽ dễ gây cảm giác tiêu cực khó chịu cho người xung quanh, mình chưa quản lý được điều đó.

thế rồi ngày đẹp trời mình gặp một người bạn, bạn ấy rất dễ thương và có nụ cười toả nắng, đến độ cứ nhìn bạn ấy là mình cảm thấy vui và phải cười theo. đi 1 đoạn đường rõ là dài, trong đầu có tỉ nỗi lo thế mà gặp bạn ấy thấy hết cả mệt. thật ko nói điêu. 😥 rồi mình nhận ra mình cũng muốn trở thành người như vậy. là chính mình 1 cách vui vẻ, tự nhiên, và cười nữa 😀

nên lấy cảm hứng từ bạn ấy mình muốn viết ra những dòng suy nghĩ này và đăng bài hát này lên “I want you to know” – Zedd ft Selena Gomez. thành thật với chính mình, là Nhân Mã, yêu cuộc đời này, yêu tự do, sống hết mình, làm việc hết mình và chơi cũng hết mình. còn ai ko hiểu mình thì mặc kệ thôi… fire burns!


oh? maybe i’ve become an alien alr, for i feel unable to catch with most things going on in the world outside lately, my schedule recently has been going too crazy, nearly every weekday running back and forth between three districts D7-Thu Duc-Binh Thanh, most of my days never end before 8pm, after a long day just want to have some good food and good rest and be with my close circle only. many ppl cannot relate to me alr, maybe to them my life is too much to comprehend, colleagues also describe me as “appear and disappear from nowhere” lol… so gotta be ok if ppl cannot get ur energy, nobody can get understood by everybody.

so i no worry about what others think, but i just worry about how they may feel – i dont want to send negativity outwards to ppl around me when sometimes i’m too burned out, mood swinging, not feel like at the best version of myself.

then the other day i met a friend, so cute with a smile shining bright that every time just looking at him i feel happy gotta smile too (no exaggeration). then i realize i want to be that type of person too. just be happily urself, be happily comfortable under ur own skin, be natural, wear a smile brightly u can even make ppl feel better with just ur smile.

so taking inspiration from my friend i feel like to write my thoughts out and post this song. i wanna be honest with myself, i’m a sagittarius, i love life, i love freedom and can go wild, i work hard play hard too and never settle for less. happily myself an unique individual in 8 billion ppl around the world. fire burns 😀

Jan 28, 2018 @ Signature The Coffee House

Auditory Hallucinations

Auditory Hallucinations (Kill Me Heal Me OST, Jang Jae In ft. NaShow), here I post again on the occasion of Chester Bennington’s suicide, is a special and powerful song with its disturbing and eventually obsessing lyrics and tunes and raps.

The song, at its core, presents a world of darkness that a normal-functioning person wouldn’t want to experience. However, one would fall into such a world if he goes through enough pain and desperation. People couldn’t never imagine how it is if they haven’t been put through such situation. That world is so scary and dark and as deep as the ocean.

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career advice from a total stranger

It was a hot day of last May, when I was still living in Saigon. While I was waiting for the bus, a middle-aged woman came to sit next to me. We started talking. She was on a short visit to Vietnam, her home-country, after moving to Australia with her kids years ago. As I was curious, she gave me a few sneak peeks of how a daily life abroad of a Vietnamese looked like. She also offered free career advice though I didn’t ask. When I told her I was pursuing human resources and wondering if I should continue, she urged me to switch to medicine/healthcare. I didn’t took the advice; however, it inspired me to have new ideas, which later prospered into action. Here is the best part of her advice. Some points are fair enough. Continue reading “career advice from a total stranger”

Unfinished journal

When I was a kid, I used to be keen to explore the attic of my house. The attic was filled with some kind of faint ancient, damp musty smell, which made it like an ancient treasure trove. Among piles of boxes, old papers, bowls, dishes, sedge mats, punky wood items, and tons of other miscellaneous material, sometimes I found rare, out-of-print One or Ten Vietnam Dong notes from late 80s early 90s. Some other times I picked up several Soviet literature books and old newspapers in brownish paper.

One day I saw a notebook, having no idea what it was about or to whom it belonged. It was thin and had thick covers with yellowish paper inside. I opened the cover: it was a journal. The handwriting was clear and neat. I read on.

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[Talk Summary] 5 Mental Debugs by Tom Chi – Founder of Google X

[Preface] Today is September 2nd, Vietnam National Day. Every Vietnamese person has his own way to celebrate this holiday. For me I would like to celebrate it by publishing a note I took months ago. =D This is of an interesting talk by Tom Chi, founder of Google X, and you can either just watch the video (with the link below) right away or read my note before deciding if it’s worth watching. Hope you’ll find some inspiration or something useful from this.
Happy Vietnam National Day!
Tom Chi: 5 Mental Debugs For Success And Global Prosperity (Awesomeness Fest Talk)
Tom Chi – Inventor and Google Genius – Founder of Google X
* Debug 1. Knowing = Enemy of Learning
 ‘Knowledge’ is a noun, and accumulating knowledge is great. But ‘knowing’ is a verb that we choose to do with our knowledge. It’s the enemy of learning.
You need to be in a state of learning in order to solve new problems; create new possibilities; to do something that hasn’t been done a million times before.

a sudden understanding

When I was a teenager growing up, I started feeling disconnected from my family, and the thought that they didn’t love me had been haunting me until I was 20.

That year, I was admitted to the hospital for major surgery and I had to stay there for a couple of weeks. For the first few days after the operation, I could barely move, walk or talk; all I could do was lying in bed. Thus I had to rely on my parents and sister to do almost everything. They fed me, changed clothes for me, cleaned up my body and helped me do other personal chores, all of which required much patience.

Meanwhile, it concerned them that I usually felt drowsy and slept a lot as a result of medicine injection treatment. Anytime I woke up, they always asked me whether I was feeling better, hungry or thirsty, hot or cold, and so on. Then they would respond by giving me food or drinks, cooling me down with a hand fan or warming me up with a blanket, etc. They were there for me almost 24/24 everyday.

One day, I woke up as usual and noticed my mother sleeping beside my ward, looking wiped out.  All in a sudden a warm feeling of being surrounded and protected like a child came over me, and I realized my family members would always love me truly no matter how old I might get.

Remember you will always be loved 🙂

bucket lists

My small happiness for yesterday: Creating a bucket list.

Well, I used to hate the idea. I never created one before. To me, it would make no sense to crazily do anything just for the sake of crossing each item off a list. It would limit my freedom, as someone wrote. But hey, what if I use it as a tool for inspiration and creativity? Just a little of enlightment for the day? In the end, one can choose to be limited or to be inspired. So now I choose inspiration instead!

Let your bucket list inspire you 🙂

So here’s mine: http://bucketlist.org/list/ngockhong/ What’s yours? Photo credit: Janett’s Sage