[Talk Summary] 5 Mental Debugs by Tom Chi – Founder of Google X

[Preface] Today is September 2nd, Vietnam National Day. Every Vietnamese person has his own way to celebrate this holiday. For me I would like to celebrate it by publishing a note I took months ago. =D This is of an interesting talk by Tom Chi, founder of Google X, and you can either just watch the video (with the link below) right away or read my note before deciding if it’s worth watching. Hope you’ll find some inspiration or something useful from this.
Happy Vietnam National Day!
Tom Chi: 5 Mental Debugs For Success And Global Prosperity (Awesomeness Fest Talk)
Tom Chi – Inventor and Google Genius – Founder of Google X
* Debug 1. Knowing = Enemy of Learning
 ‘Knowledge’ is a noun, and accumulating knowledge is great. But ‘knowing’ is a verb that we choose to do with our knowledge. It’s the enemy of learning.
You need to be in a state of learning in order to solve new problems; create new possibilities; to do something that hasn’t been done a million times before.
* Debug 2. Verb > Noun

– To find the verbs, ask: How is it nuanced? When you see the Noun you stop thinking, but asking what’s the collection of Verbs that came together to make something possible makes you not stop thinking but continue to see more possibilities.

Eg: Fork – By asking How is it nuanced? you find out it is associated with the stories of Supernova & French table manner
– Everything is connected in this universe. Verbs are the reality of the entire universe while nouns are just the temporary container.
– We apply nouns to human beings (Republic, Muslims, etc.) and that’s where the greatest crimes can happen. And as soon as we say that noun we’re done thinking about them…. Challenge the nouns you come up with. Spend another 5 minutes to think about the verbs to describe a person so that you become more present.
* Debug 3. Crossing 3 gaps
First contact —(gap 1)—> Knowledge —(gap 2)—> Practice —(gap 3)—>  Mastery
– Eg: Bike: See a bike -> Read books about bikes -> Practice riding -> Bike marathon/Riding in difficult terrains/etc.
– The knowledge gap is not the most important thing. It’s about getting across the practice gap… At the end of the practice gap is the beginning of the Mastery Gap. Mastery is the place where human possibility is expanded.
* Debug 4. Stay in the medium
The more that you can stay in your medium, the more that you have the possibility of creating your masterpiece.
* Debug 5. Metabolism is more important than truth.
1st grade -> 2nd grade -> … -> PhD level
One at the higher grade/level can teach people at the lower grade/level so that they can grow.
*Final message: Instead of chasing success, the only question to ask is: How to love your medium enough to create your masterpiece?

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