a sudden understanding

When I was a teenager growing up, I started feeling disconnected from my family, and the thought that they didn’t love me had been haunting me until I was 20.

That year, I was admitted to the hospital for major surgery and I had to stay there for a couple of weeks. For the first few days after the operation, I could barely move, walk or talk; all I could do was lying in bed. Thus I had to rely on my parents and sister to do almost everything. They fed me, changed clothes for me, cleaned up my body and helped me do other personal chores, all of which required much patience.

Meanwhile, it concerned them that I usually felt drowsy and slept a lot as a result of medicine injection treatment. Anytime I woke up, they always asked me whether I was feeling better, hungry or thirsty, hot or cold, and so on. Then they would respond by giving me food or drinks, cooling me down with a hand fan or warming me up with a blanket, etc. They were there for me almost 24/24 everyday.

One day, I woke up as usual and noticed my mother sleeping beside my ward, looking wiped out.  All in a sudden a warm feeling of being surrounded and protected like a child came over me, and I realized my family members would always love me truly no matter how old I might get.

Remember you will always be loved 🙂

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