when strangers meet

I met Opal, a nice and sweet girl, when I was in a rush to catch a train to the airport (for the flight back home). As planned I should have arrived there in 10 minutes to check in, but I just figured the train I was planning to take wouldn’t come until an hour later. My brain froze in a second; the thought of missing the flight scared the hell out of me. While I was all balled up, she appeared from nowhere, explained me a few things then said, “Follow me.” So, with her kind support and guidance, I got to the airport on time.

Opal, a very nice and sweet Thai girl

Opal amazed me. We’re from different countries, we speak different languages, we never met before, we weren’t delegates in any conference, we have no mutual friends… we were strange people that met outside by chance, but she gave me a hand. We talked very shortly but I was open about myself more than normally I would be. I felt happy to share because I felt like she was just an old friend of mine. I don’t know why. But I guess, it’s the universal language of kindness that has made the connection between us.

And I believe people all over the world can be connected the same way.

[repost from photo album: my heart is a kaleidoscope]


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