Black sheep

I have to witness quarrels between a child and her mother over her schooling stuff, almost everyday. Many times she has cried over her homework of some subjects because she can’t pick herself up to do it; it’s just too difficult, too boring and out of her interest. That kid who hates doing homework is my younger sister. Should I blame her for not being aware of how important and beautiful those subjects are, why she should study those subjects, and that that she should force herself even if she doesn’t like to because that’s the way almost every student generation has been taught? Even though her sisters did a good job fitting in and so do her classmates now, why the hell she can’t do it?? What a black sheep of the society, isn’t she?

Well, maybe it’s her fault. Maybe our family’s. Mine. Our society’s. But who cares whose fault it is? I just care that there must be a more suitable approach for that kid somewhere. Darn it, I’m just a graduate, I haven’t married, I haven’t had any children, and I don’t have a clue how to teach a child.

But I think I’ve found something in this video. Right here, the video below. The child speaking is Logan, 13 yrs old, who leaves traditional education for homeschooling and he talks about his learning experience.

The best part is when he explains how he has tailored his education to his interests. Just amazing.

I wish I could pull my younger sister out of the dominating traditional education and let her craft her own learning path, like Logan’s mother did to him, because that would definitely be where the creativity, happiness and healthiness come in. She could find learning is fun, and from her education she’ll be able to “make a life, instead of making a living.”


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